Frequently Asked Questions : Admins

Here you will find answers for event setup, companion products and how to help you customers. For information about Event Elf customer accounts, visit the Customer FAQ page.


How can I help my customers with “page not available” requests?

Occasionally customers may experience some technical issues and reach out to you stating, "I tried to register but every link I click on says the page is not available". It is possible this is a Windows and/or Microsoft Edge browser issue. Your customer may need to try another browser or clear their cache and cookies. Click here for troubleshooting steps to correct browser issues. Network Connection Issues

To process transactions, Event Elf first submits a request for Authorize.Net — the payment gateway — to create a customer profile, and Authorize returns the CIM number used to create that profile. When this is working correctly, Event Elf receives the profile information from Authorize, stores it, then passes the customer's payment information through the gateway for transaction. Event Elf does not store payment information.

On occasion, due to Authorize network updates or connectivity errors, the CIM number isn't returned. Without profile confirmation, Event Elf cannot submit payment information and the user receives an error message stating the system was "unable to complete the transaction.” Since the CIM was actually created, when the user tries to submit payment again, Authorize tells Event Elf that the customer profile already exists.

Suggest a workaround by either entering a different email address to purchase tickets/registrations, or add +1, etc., to their existing email (i.e., This creates a new opportunity for Event Elf to ping Authorize to create another new customer profile and CIM number.

How do I adjust an order or provide a refund?

To process an adjustment on a customer’s order, click Manage from the header navigation and select “Orders." Search for the order by Email Address or Order ID (be sure you have the correct information before processing). Select the order that needs to be Adjusted or Refunded. from the green cog menu, click on “Add Adjustment” (return of money can only be processed for customers that have a saved payment method). Select the type of adjustment wanted.

  • Refund: Requires manual entry of the amount to be returned.
  • Full Refund: Autofills the full order amount to be returned.
  • Charge: Last four digits of the original card used will appear. Or select "New Card" and complete the required Billing and Card Information fields manually.
  • Return Items: Option to return a specified quantity of spots to the Activity for resale.
  • Notes: This section is for internal use, an option to provide further explanation for submitting the adjustment to that order.

Only transactions that have settled successfully can be refunded, pending charges are not able to be refunded. Transactions with no declines or holds from the financial institution settle after 24 hours. 

How do I transfer a ticket/registration to someone else?

Registration transfers are initiated through the customer's account, where they can transfer their own Registration and will be taken through the checkout process. When the transaction is complete, the new Participant is sent an email with instructions for completing the transfer.

Instructions for your customer: Visit your Event Elf customer account page and login. From the “Events” page, click on the registration you want to transfer. Under the drop-down menu labeled “Registration,” select "Transfer." Enter the email address of the person you wish to transfer your registration to.

Customer information on tickets does not need to be transferred. The purchaser can download PDFs and forward one or more tickets via email to whomever they wish.

How do I transfer a customer to another activity?

To complete an activity transfer for a customer you will go to “Manage” from the header navigation and then select “Orders”. Search for the order by the order ID or the customer email and select the desired order to be transferred to a new activity. Once you are in the order detail page you select the ticket number or registration number that you would like to transfer. From the green cog select edit or edit registration and you will be given the availability to transfer to another activity.

The admin area will not have a monetary transaction with any transfer, any transfers done by an admin will be free of charge. The customer is able to process this change from their Event Elf account and will be taken through the cart.



How do I create a new event?

From the header navigation bar click “Manage” and select “Events” from drop-down menu. Click the “Create New Event” button. Fill out required fields for each section.
  - Name:
- Event Type:
       Registration: Events that require more information and an actual registration such as races
       Ticketing: Events needing less information just purchasing tickets
  - Age Limit:  Applies to purchasing only not the event itself
  - Description: Event specific details.
  - Restrictions: Apply to the event as a whole (age limits, height requirements, accessibility, etc.)

  - Disclaimer: Includes info about weather, cancellations, transfers, refund policy, etc.
- Location: Physical address of event. This information will show on a printed ticket.
  - Time Zone: for the event location
- Tax Rate: For the event location, leave blank if the tax rate is unknown
  - Support Email Address: Customer emails will go here. (overrides company support email, for this event)
  - Support Phone Number: Optional  (overrides company support phone number for this event)

ACTIVE?: Event can be left “Inactive” until you’re ready to go live with ticket/registration sales
ALLOW COMPANY WIDE DISCOUNTS?: Companies may set up Company-wide discount codes that will apply to every event that company creates. Individual codes may still be created and used, if there are duplicates the created code will override the Company Code as it was created specifically for that event.  

To edit an existing event select “Events”, click from the header navigation bar. Select the event you want to edit. Click the green cog and select “Edit Event”. You will be able to edit everything about this event except the Event Type and Age Limit.

How do I duplicate an event?

From the header navigation select “Events”, click on the event you want to duplicate. From the green cog menu, click “Duplicate Event”. All Division and all Activity details will be copied such as dates. Event Type and Age Limit will not be editable. The Event Name will include the word “Copy” and automatically be marked “Inactive” to allow you to edit changes before going live (green cog menu, click “Edit Event”).    

Make sure you update dates and times under Divisions and Activities for new event!

How do I create a Division?

To set up the date and time of your event you will need to create a Division under the event. To create a Division from the “Event Detail” page select the “Division and Activities” tab and select the “New “ button on the Divisions line. You will enter the Name (recommend including the actual day and date), Date (when online sales close for this division) and then you may choose to click the “Active” button (put the division live on website. Events may be set as Inactive and have active Divisions until you are ready to have sales available online.

To edit the Division click on the name of the Division you want to make changes to from the Divisions/Activities page.

How do I create an Activity?

Once you have created a Division you can then add activities under it. From the Divisions/Activities page click “New Activity” next to the Division you would like to add an activity to. You will enter the following information.

  - Name: recommend including the time(s) of the activity
- Purchasing Closes At: when online sales close for this specific activity
- Base Price: should be the full price, opportunity to create variable pricing in the dated pricing section
  - Number Of Spots: Capacity for that activity
- Spots Remaining Threshold: for the customer to view when few spots are left
  - Description: specific to this activity only

  - Active: checked to make this activity active on the live site
- Private: a unique URL for this activity that can be shared, it will hidden from public selection
- All Access: leave unchecked unless you would like to designate this activity special in reporting
  -Discountable: if left unchecked no discount codes will be able to be used for this activity

To edit an already existing activity click the Division's / Activities tab from the Event detail page, click on the Activity you want to edit. Once in the Activity click on the Green Cog and select edit.

How do I create dated pricing for an activity?

Event Elf allows you the ability to set variable prices to allow the cost of an activity to change with the date for special offers like early bird specials. To set the dated prices go to the Divisions / Activities page and select the activity you wish to create dated prices for. Scroll to the “Dated Prices” section of the Activities page. Hit the “new” button and begin entering the amount you would like to have offered to your customers and what date that offer will expire. Once the dated price expires if there is not another price listed under “dated Prices” the base price (full price) of the activity will be offered.  

How do I create discount codes for an event?

To create Discount codes for your event click “Manage” from the header navigation. Select “Events” and choose the Event you want to create specific Discount Codes for. From the Event Detail page click the Discount Codes tab. You will enter the following information to create a new code or multiple codes.

  -Name: Will be the identifier and is internal, not given to the customer.
For example 10% OFF or  RADIO STATION
-Discount Code: Given to the customer. Multiple codes can be loaded into this section. If you have several codes given to you by social e-      commerce marketplaces that a customer will purchase from a separate site. You can copy those codes from them and paste them directly      here.   
  -Discount Type:
    Standard: Choose to use a percentage off, Dollar Amount or you may choose to apply both with the same code. If you use both the               percentage will be applied first then the dollar amount.
    Full Comp: Entire purchase cost will be free to the customer.
    Fixed Price: Set an exact amount you want the customer to pay.

Keep in mind on fixed priced if you offer special pricing with the dated prices on that activity that is lower than the fixed price discount code the discount will override the dated price.

    Max Uses: Set the number of times that code is able to be used if left blank the code may be used infinite number of times. 
Expires At: You may choose to offer a code for a limited time once the code expires it will no longer be recognized in the cart.

What are Company Codes?

Company Codes will apply to all events under that specific company that selects the “Allow Company-wide Discount Codes?” check box when creating the event. To create Company Codes select “Manage” from the header navigation and choose “Company Codes”. You will create and add Company Codes the same way you create event level discount codes

How do I add products to my event?

Event Elf allows you to create products and tailor them to the needs of your event.

To add a product to your event you will first need to create the product. From the header navigation select “Manage” and then “Products”. Click on the “new” button to create the product you desire. Price points and location of the product on the screen are all editable by you. Once a product has been created you will need to choose where the product will show up during the checkout process.

Products can be placed into two areas under an activity or under the event.

Activity Products are added with the intent of being mandatory. Products added this way show up on the information form during checkout and must be selected to continue. To add an activity product from the Event page select the “Divisions / Activities tab and choose the activity you would like the product on. Under the “Activity Add On Product” line click the new button and choose from your products list.

Event Products are optional and will show up at the end of the checkout process as an option to add to your order. To add an event level product you will select the “Event Products” tab from the event page click the new button and choose from your products list.

How do I setup a donation?

Add a new product and set the base price at $0. Then choose “Add Product Option” from the green cog menu. Create a product option for each pickup location.* For each activity you wish to add a product, select the activity and click the “Add Activity Product” button. Choose the product from the drop-down menu and click “Save”. You will then add the product to the Event



How do I log in to my admin account?

To log in to your Event elf admin account you will go to the Event Organizers login page. You will enter the email and password you set up. If you forget your password you can click on the “forgot password” link. If you forgot the email you used, any admin on your company can view the list of admin emails in the Company Settings under the Admins tab. If you are the only admin on your company please fill out a support ticket on the “Admin Support” page from the Event Elf home page and the Event Elf support team will send you the information requested.

How do I change my company information?

To edit your company information click on your company name from the header navigation bar and choose “Company Settings”. Under the tabs listed you will be able to edit Company Details, Bank Information, Credit Card Information, Analytics,Branding, Admins, and Fees.

How do I add or remove admins from Event Elf?

To add new admins or delete existing admins from your company's Event Elf account you will click your company name from the header navigation and choose “Company Settings” from the drop down list. From the Company Settings page select the “Admin” tab.

From this screen you will be able to see status of email verification and resend verification email if necessary.

How do I contact someone for more help with Event Elf?

From your account click on “Support” from the header navigation to fill out a contact form for more detailed help or training requests.

For Customer Support the email and phone listed under the Company Settings will be the default for all events unless you enter support information when setting up new events. This will be the email and phone the customers will have access to if they need additional help from you.



Where can I download the App?

The Event Elf Ticket Scanner app is available to download and install on iOS devices from the App Store here.

Logging In

To log into the ticket scanner App you will need your Company ID and a PIN that is created by the admins. Think of your Company ID as a username and the PIN as a password. You should be able to use the same login credentials across multiple devices if you choose. Upon logging in, you will see a list of your upcoming events.

To find your Company ID you will click your company name from the header navigation bar and choose company settings. The ID will be the first thing listed.

To create and manage PINS you will need to click “Manage” from the header navigation and select PINs. PINs can be set up in a way that works best for your team in any combination of letters and numbers. PINs must be created first before your team can use the Event Elf Ticket Scanner app.

What format of ticket can the scanner App accommodate?

Tickets can be scanned from a phone or tablet, as well as a printed ticket. Your customer may need to zoom in on the QR code, but scanning a ticket from the device will work just fine.

Trouble syncing scanned tickets

The Event Elf Ticket Scanner app is built to work with intermittent WiFi connections, allowing it to run in offline mode if necessary. For that reason, there is a difference between a ticket being scanned and the scan data syncing with the server.

The time being sent is the time that is on the device at the time of the scan. If the time on the scanning device is inaccurate, the timestamps on the Tickets Report will be incorrect. Check your devices to make sure they are all set for the same time and time zone. If a device goes out of WiFi range, it will continue to scan tickets. However, it won't send those tickets to the server until it is within WiFi range with the application open.

For example, if you scan a ticket today out of WiFi range, then close the app, and then open the app up tomorrow within WiFi range, the ticket won't be sent to the server until tomorrow. The timestamp will show the time of the device at the time of scanning, but the ticket won't show up in the system until the device is within WiFi range.

We encourage your team to bring their devices within WiFi range when they are finished scanning. With the app open, the system will transmit the tickets via WiFi if the device wasn’t connected to the Internet at the time of the scan. Uploads are fairly instantaneous, so your users shouldn’t need to leave the app open longer than a minute or so to transfer the data, provided the WiFi connection is adequate.



Enter color as a hex code or use the color picker to select a color. Shows up below the background image as page filler when additional scrolling is necessary throughout the checkout process.

1440 x 900 pixels, minimum
1920 x 1080 pixels, recommended
Upload a background image in JPG format (Maximum file size of 2MB).
Represents your company branding seamlessly throughout the checkout process. This image is uploaded under Company Branding and used for ALL events.

1017 x 200
pixels, maximum
Upload a header image in JPG format (Maximum file size of 2MB).
Represents your company branding seamlessly at the top of each page throughout the checkout process. This image is uploaded under Company Branding and used for ALL events.

550 x 120
pixels, recommended
Upload an email header image in JPG format (Maximum file size of 2MB).

Shows up at the top of the email your customer receives containing their receipt details and PDFs to download their tickets. This image is uploaded under Company Branding and used for ALL events.

516 x 60
pixels, maximum, @ 300 dpi (print quality)
Upload a ticket header image in JPG format (Maximum file size of 2MB).
Generated as part of the ticket and shows up at the top of the PDF file.
This image is uploaded under Ticket Branding and can vary
PER event.

300 x 75 pixels, maximum, @ 300 dpi (print quality)
Upload a ticket sponsor image in JPG format (Maximum file size of 2MB).
Generated as part of the ticket and shows up next to the words "Presented By" near the bottom of the PDF file. This image is uploaded under Ticket Branding and can vary PER event. If you have more than one sponsor logo, line them up in one JPG file for uploading.


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